Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection. Collector

Plná hra ke stažení - Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection. Collector

Power of the Flame is restored, Alice and her friends escaped from the Dark Army. In search of a place to rest, they stop at a strange glade and allow themselves to relax ... However, in this new hostile world, one cannot lose its vigilance even for a minute. And the reckoning for carelessness will not take long ... Alice finds herself dragged into a battle with the evil that is older than darkness itself. She'll have to solve questions that many generations of brave men couldn't. This time, friends won't come to the rescue — they have fallen victim to a powerful curse. Will Alice be able to make everything right? Will she find new friends that are ready to help? She was used to the dangers, but will her courage help in a world where no one hopes for salvation any longer? Alongside Alice you will explore the pristine beauty of Fertile Lands and find long-forgotten secrets. Solve puzzles and collect everything that can help her stop an ancient evil. Give people a new hope of salvation!

Jazyková verze: čeština

Stáhnout zdarma (1304.47Mb)

Plná verze obsahuje:

  • Find out how to stop the ancient force that lured you into a trap
  • Explore new lands in search of answers and solutions
  • Solve lots of incredible puzzles
  • Get help from new friends
  • Gather amazing collections and find dozens of morphing-objects.
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Ukázky ze hry:

Minimální systémové požadavky: OS: Windows 7/8/10 / CPU: 2.0 GHz / RAM: 2048 MB / DirectX: 9.0

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